What is Eid Ul Fitr? Ramadan and Eid Quiz

Ramadan is the month of fasting for Muslims. They fast during the hours of daytime. This means that in summer we have to fast longer than in Winter. At the end of Ramadan everything is let loose and Muslims celebrate the end of the fast with more prayer, giving to the poor and so on.

After a month of fasting, Eid is a relief and a blessing in more ways than one. Sharing that blessing with family and friends, sharing gifts and food, is a great way to get back to your roots.

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Bismillah ar Rahman ar Rahim

Eid ul Fitr, also known as Id al Fitr, marks the end of Holy month of Ramadan/Ramzan. Muslims all over the world fast during the month of Ramadan – as prescribed in the holy Quran.

Apart from the regular prayers, feasts, and exchange of gifts – Muslims are also encouraged on this day to forgive and forget any past animosities that may have occurred with others during the year.

Different Names of Eid ul Fitr

Considering the vast geographical spread of Islam and the number of languages followers of this great faith speak – it is not surprising that Eid ul Fitr is known by different names.

Let’s take a look at some of these :

Language Eid ul Fitr
Acehnese Uroe Raya Puasa
Bahasa Indonesia and Bahasa Malaysia Hari Lebaran
Bangla Rojar Eid
Bosnian Ramazanski Bajram
Dutch Suikerfeest
Farsi Eid-e Sa’eed-e Fitr
Hausa Sallah
Kurdish Cejna Remezane
Malayalam Cheriya Perunnal
Pashto Kochnay Akhtar
Tamil Nonbu Perunaal
Turkish Ramazan Bayrami
Urdu Choti Eid

Of course there are hundreds of other variations. Including them all would require some time. Please leave a comment in the guest book and we’ll try our best.