Gifts for Muslim Women – Eid, Valentine’s Day etc

Islam – just like other religions – preaches love and harmony. Not just on some special days and celebrations, but throughout an individual’s life.

Some people claim Valentine’s Day is UnIslamic and should not be celebrated by Muslims. The debate is outside the scope of this page. Our aim is to present the most beautiful Religious and Spiritual gifts for Muslim women around the world for any holiday where you want to give them something – or just because you care.

Evil Eye Jewelry for Valentine’s Day

Protect Her from the Evil Eye

9949092_f260The evil eye is a look that is believed by many cultures to be able to cause injury or bad luck for the person at whom it is directed for reasons of envy or dislike.

Protect your Valentine from the evil eye with beautiful evil eye jewelry. It is available in many forms – Pendants, Ear Rings, Bracelets, and more.

Even if your don’t believe in the evil eye and its harmful effects – this jewelry makes a wonderful gift idea for Valentine’s Day.

Allah and Hamsa Jewelry is a cool choice too.

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Attar – Islamic Perfume for Muslim Women

While Islam discourages women from wearing fragrance in public – there’s no one stopping them from enjoying the beautiful Attar oil in the privacy of their home.

Attar is made from natural sources and is free from Alcohol. You can be very sure that you are buying a Halal perfume when you purchase a bottle of genuine Attar.

As the process of creating these perfumes is very long and only high quality natural ingredients are used – the price is understandably higher than that for popular perfumes available in the market, which makes it a luxury gift for Muslim women.

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Prayer Mats

Salah or praying five times a day is one of the Five Pillars of Islam.
Gifting a Prayer Mat is a nice way to strengthen a fellow Muslim’s faith and wish her Eid Mubarak.
These accessories for Namaz may be handmade or machine made, simple in design or have intricate work done on them. What makes them really precious is the emotions and the feelings they convey.

Islamic Incense for Eid ul Fitr

Incense is a vital part of Islamic traditions. I have been to a few Islamic places of worship and tombs and the sweet smell of Incense really makes the experience heavenly.

It is certainly a good idea to buy Incense for your own home and gift Incense, Incense Burners, and other related accessories as gifts on Eid el Fitr. It is also a cool idea to gift a genuine Incense to your local mosque or madarsa.

The prices vary greatly – depending on the ingredients used in preparing these Incenses. The natural ones made with rare ingredients can cost a bit. The choice is finally yours.

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