Best Arabian Jewelry and Middle Eastern Jewelry

There is a wide range of Islamic Jewelry available which can be gifted on Eid ul Fitr.

Pendants and Tags featuring Allah, Muhammad, Shahada, Ayatul Kursi, and symbols considered important in Islam are the most popular.
I really like the ‘Evil Eye’ design. In many cultures it is thought to ward off the ill effects of the ‘Evil Eye’ and protect the wearer. How far it is true is anyone’s guess.

Handmade and Personalized Islamic Jewelry would certainly cost more than the regular stuff, but it are appreciated more by the receiver.

Arabic and Muslim Jewelry in silver and gold

Some of these items can be personalized – with your name in Arabic letters for instance. Others feature Allah or the Kaaba. I hope you enjoy my selection of Bedouin and Muslim jewelry. I’ve found you rings, necklaces and of course pendants.

Classic Egyptian pendant and choker in fine silver

Egyptian Silver Bedouin Pendant and Choker

The magic of Egypt – Pyramids, Desert, mystics and Muslims…

Egyptian Cartouche Pendants use the magic of Classic Egypt and bring it home into the 21st century. They can be personalized to symbolize your name, or I love you, or anything else you want.

Arabic Bead Earrings

Arabic Name Hoop Earrings – “Amani”
Silver alloy bead is featured. Accented with small glass and crystal. The ear wire is pure silver

Fatima hand to bring luck

Fatima Pendant
The Hamsa is a Middle Eastern symbol that is thought to ward off evil spirits and bring luck. In a Muslim context it’s Fatima, the most famous of Muhammed’s daughters, whose hand is said to protect and guard the faithful.

History of Jewelry in Egypt: The Traditional Art and Craft

The best book about jewelry from the Middle East

Enchanted Jewelry of Egypt: The Traditional Art and Craft
Beautifully illustrated overview of Egyptian jewelry of the past century. The jewelry was collected by a jewelry designer herself inspired by this style. Azza Fahmy supplemented her own collection and travels with historical information and research.

A reader says:

What is so great about these is that many of them of great historical context behind them. I visited Egypt last year to do a school project to consult with a jewelry business. I actually purchased one of these Pieces while there. It is the Classic Egyptian pendant and choker in fine silver. The story behind this piece is that an unmarried woman would wear this. Once she got married, she would pass this down in her family. There was other jewelry to mark the marriage. I found this piece to be the most beautiful, and the one that I bought was handmade. Actually got to tour the area where they made it. Fascinating experience!

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