Best Islamic Gifts for Kids, Eid Ul Fitr

Children wait impatiently for Eid ul Fitr, as after a month of fasting and praying they are showered with presents.

Clothes, Sweets, Games, Books, and more – is there a kid who doesn’t love Eid. Would be nearly impossible to find one. Featured below are some of the finest Eid gifts for kids and teenagers. Make their Eid ul Fitr extra special this year with one or more of these.

If you’re not looking for something specifically Muslim, you may also be interested in these popular toys.

If you are non-Muslim and are looking for something appropriate in Islamic Gifts for kids, you may be a little concerned as to what would be appropriate as a gift for a Muslim child. Perhaps you want to give the child a Birthday present or to honor one of the two gift giving holidays celebrated by Muslim families. The two holidays where gifts are given are: Eid al-Fitr and Eid al-Adha.

Perhaps the selections listed below will help you in your selection of gifts for a child of the Muslim faith. If you are considering a gift of food (like candy or chocolate) make sure that the food has been Halal certified.

Books Are Always A Good Gift Idea

Most children love a good story so purchasing a book for a child as a gift is a great idea. You can find some wonderful books that Muslim children will find enjoyable. They will learn about their faith and also develop their language skills and vocabulary. See also: Muslim detective stories for kids and books explaining Eid for children.

Night of the Moon: A Muslim Holiday Story


A nice choice for a book for the 2nd to 4th grade level child. A seven year old girl named Yasmeen learns about the Islamic calendar which is lunar based and the special holiday of Ramadan followed by Eid al-Fitr. She shares the meaning of the holiday with her class at school while celebrating at home with her family.

Golden Domes and Silver Lanterns: A Muslim Book of Colors


An absolutely wonderful book features the colorful world of Islam. Children can begin to learn color recognition with examples like a blue hijab or a red prayer rug and other items of the Islamic culture. They will also learn about clothing, food and other items of tradition and every day life.

1001 Inventions and Awesome Facts from Muslim Civilization (National Geographic Kids)


Children from the age of 8 and older will be fascinated by this incredible book that explains the advances and inventions that came from the Muslim civilization as far back as the 7th century. Many of the ideas, tools and creations still impact our modern world. Filled with photos and factual information this book is interesting for both girls and boys.

Halal Candy for Eid

halal-candy-hariboDuring Eid, kids are allowed to eat. In addition, they are often spoiled with sweets. Combine that sugar rush with the family visiting, late hours and irregular activities, it’s no wonder they’re often extra exited.

Shown here is a halal alternative to candy treats. Still packed with sugar though (and no, sugar replacements are not better for them).

Islamic Games For Kids

There are lots of interesting board games available on Islamic themes. Kids can have a good time playing these games with their family members and friends and at the same time increase their awareness about the Holy Quran and important figures of Islam.

Most kids love to play games so finding a game that celebrates the Islamic culture and Muslim faith is a wonderful idea for a gift idea.

The Great Mosque Game


A board game with unique and interesting questions and answers that teach about Mosques. Children begin to learn about the basic layout and architecture of a mosque. They also learn about the Kabah and the sacred cities of Islam: Makkah (Mekka), Madinah (Medina) and Jerusalem. Islamic practices like hajj and salah are also covered in the questions. There are four categories to the game with each category having 100 questions with multiple choice answers. It appears to be much like a Trivial Pursuit style of game.

This educational game helps the kids learn about the basics of mosque architecture and layout. The Great Mosque Game is based on an enjoyable question and answer format.

Quran Challenge Game By saniyasain Khan


Children from ages 8 and up can have fun playing the game while learning about the Holy Quran in the process of play. Basic knowledge is mixed with some pretty challenging questions that are all taken from the holy book of the Muslim religion.

Allah’s Prophets Islamic Matching Card Game for Kids Eid Gifts

Allah’s Prophets by Share the Deen is a really great Muslim game! Fun for kids and the family and great for Islamic schools as well. It is a question and answer memory game that teaches about the Prophets of Allah – so you learn while having fun. Great gift for Eid.

muslim-dollA Muslim Doll Makes A Nice Eid Gift For A Girl

A really wonderful gift for a girl for Eid or her birthday is a Muslim doll that is dressed modestly as she will be stimulated to dress in her own world. This particular Fulla doll is dressed in white prayer clothing with an outfit appropriate for indoor home wear also included. There are several options of the Fulla doll in different styles of clothing that change periodically as they come on the market. They do sell out quickly so if you see one that you like, it is wise not to hesitate on your purchase.

Is Clothing An Appropriate Gift?

It can be if you know the child well enough to purchase clothing. Most girls are expected to dress modestly so choosing a long sleeved dress that can be worn with tights or leggings that can cover her legs would be deemed most appropriate.

Girls are not stimulated to wear a hajib until they reach puberty although girls can be observed wearing the scarf covering as young as 8. It would be best to consult with her parents before buying a hajib. However, a beautiful scarf is a nice neutral gift that she can wear around her neck if she wants, and as a headscarf is she prefers.

Boys are a little different in the requirements of their clothing as the requirement of modesty in public is not the same for them. However, during religious holidays you will often see them dressed up to the nines. As with any child it is best to ask the parents about their wishes if you are planning on a gift of clothing.

Gift Cards for Eid ul Fitr

It is very common in some culture to give children money, it’s also known as Eidi. It may not hold true for your culture, but I think presenting teenagers Gift Cards on the occasion of Eid ul Fitr is certainly a good idea.

Let them decide how they want to spend the money. Teenagers value their freedom and by gifting them a gift card – you recognize that you respect their decisions and have faith in them.

The element of surprise certainly adds luster to a gift. It would be great if you know the likes and dislikes of the kids. Otherwise – you may want to gift a generic gift card – like Amazon Gift Card.

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