Islamic gifts for men

Al Wadud – The Loving is one of the 99 names of Allah revealed in the Quran. Isn’t that a nice Muslim thought for Valentine’s Day or any other holiday?

This page aims to bring together a comprehensive collection of Valentine’s Day Religious and Spiritual gifts for Muslim Men. Present these beautiful gifts to your Valentine and spread love in the environment around you.

Shown here is a long time favorite with my readers: 14k White Gold Islamic Crescent Moon and Star Ring

Digital Quran and Islamic Encyclopedia

Technology has meant that data can now be stored in smaller space and can be used at our own convenience.

Digital Quran and Islamic Encyclopedia are good examples of technology enabling us to make things more portable and easier to carry and use.

Help your Valentine stay in touch with the teachings of the Holy Quran and let him feel the radiance of Al Wadud – The Loving. While separate ereaders exist devoted specifically to the Quran, it makes more sense to simply gift the Quran on Kindle. And yes, it IS possible to gift books on Kindle and make sure they arrive at just the date you want it to.

Islamic Jewelry for Muslim Men

Gold ring for Muslim men

Jewelry is not just for women. There is an impressive collection of Islamic Jewelry available for Muslim men too.

Be it beautiful Islamic pendants, charms, rings, or bracelets – there is plenty to choose from if you would like to gift your love a piece of Islamic Jewelry this year.

Below are some of the best designs of Islamic Jewelry for Muslim men. Gift him one of these pieces and strengthen your relationship.

Attar– A Fragrant Gift for Muslim Men

Gifting Attar is a beautiful way to wish a Muslim man a Happy Holiday (birthday, Valentine’s Day etc). Attar is crafted from natural raw materials and contains no alcohol and therefore makes for a Halal gift.

Your love can wear it to the Mosque and at home. The fragrances are mind blowing. The prices are no doubt higher than that for popular perfumes, but remember – Attar is Halal while most of the cheaper perfumes contain Alcohol.

Non Alcoholic Perfumes and Deodorants

Since not all of us can afford Attar – Non Alcoholic Perfumes and Deodorants are a good second choice.

More people are shifting to Non Alcoholic Perfumes and Skin Care products because unlike Alcoholic products they are skin friendly and don’t cause harm to tender tissues.

Please share these products with your family, friends, neighbors, and acquaintances. Celebrate an alcohol free Eid ul Fitr this year and always in future.

Halal Food and Gift Baskets

valentines gifts for him The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. Treat your Valentine to some tasty Halal food gifts and take your relationship to a new level. If you are finding it tough to find a Halal food gift basket for Valentine’s Day you may purchase the basket and food items separately and create your own Halal food gift basket.

There is nothing like a personalized gift for your beloved. There are non food gift baskets too which you can consider gifting on Valentine’s Day. However, let’s start with Halal food gift baskets from the Jewish market… They follow all the halal rules, only they call them ‘kosher’.

These halal baskets contain everything from gourmet dipping pretzels to buttered peanut crunch to organic vanilla bean green tea cookies to Alaskan smoked salmon, gourmet key lime white chocolate cookies, and many more! As you can see, when you send one of our 100% gourmet halal baskets, you can be 100% confident that they will love what’s inside! 100% certified kosher gourmet foods. Gourmet foods like Robert Rothschild Farms Dipping Pretzels, Brent &a Sam’s Key Lime White Chocolate Cookies, Robert Rothschild Farms Raspberry Honey Mustard Dip, Feridie’s Salted Peanuts, a Lake Champlain Signature Milk Chocolate Bar, and Buttered Peanut Crunch by Old Dominion Peanut Company make this halal gift basket so special! These Gift Baskets arrive on-time and beautifully wrapped. The design is sure to delight anyone lucky enough to receive it! –

Order before 4PM EST and your order ships out the same day! – Your gift always arrives with an upscale, FREE gift card! Non-alcoholic Valentine’s Day gift basket – Doesn’t contain meat either, so it’s Halal without even trying. More Halal Gift Baskets

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