Best Eid ul Fitr Clothing for Women, Fashion and Dress

Islam prescribes modesty in clothing, so modest but beautiful clothing makes a great Eid gift for men and women. Contrary to what some people believe there is no restriction in style, color, or fabric.

Whether you are purchasing clothes for yourself or someone else this Eid, just make sure that the ‘M’ word is not violated.

There are some specialty stores which deal in clothes made from rich fabrics and having ornate embroidery work done of them, these are real cool but often expensive as well. However, I have found you some exceptions.

Eid ul Fir is the time for all Muslims to dress up in their finest clothes and women are no exception.

Women certainly have a wider choice of clothing available – as opposed to the men. I am no expert in fashion but women’s clothing fascinates me.

Take your pick from the designs and styles listed below.

Muslim Fashion

It is certainly possible to have class and refinement while remaining within the code of modesty laid down by Islam. There are many well known names in countries like Saudi Arabia, Iran, and Pakistan who have made sure Muslim Fashion thrives. Traditional designs, patterns, and styles have been blended with modernity to create a beautiful mix. Of course some of these designers clothes will cost a bit and you may want to stick to the stuff regularly available.

scarf-green-soft-pashminaHowever, my first suggestion for Eid clothing is simply to dress things up with a nice scarf. A scarf always makes a nice gift for any woman and if your recipient is a Muslim woman she will appreciate choices for her head scarf and choosing a nice ethnic scarf can make a nice touch. See for instance this lovely warm Super Soft Faux Pashmina Scarf or a Silk Scarf: silk will be warm in winter and cool in summer, so it fits all climates.

Women-Abaya-salma-purple-blackBeautiful Abayas for Eid ul Fitr

One does not have to go with the traditional black for the abaya, there are many lovely colors to be worn by women on a Muslim holiday or at any time during the year.

kurti-india-fashionElegant Kurtis for Eid ul Fitr

Alternatively these Indian style kurtis modestly cover the hips. As tunic style tops they are really a lovely choice to be worn with pants or even leggings.

Hijab – Head Scarf for Muslim Women

Hijab refers not only to the head covering traditionally worn by many Muslim women, but also to the modest Muslim styles of dress in general.

According to Islamic scholarship, Hijab is given the wider meaning of modesty, privacy, and morality. The scarf was originally designed to protect women – so in circumstances where it makes her less safe, it is definitely NOT mandatory.

There is a cool variety of Head Scarves available for Muslim women. This is one clothing gift that will be appreciated by most Muslim women.

If she does wear a Hijab, you may want to give her these Assorted Contemporary Hijab Pins, a bit more original than another black scarf and yet supportive of her choice to dress with modesty.

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