Best Eid Clothing for Men

If Muslim men are anything like other men (and they probably are) they really don’t want to think about cloths. However during Eid and at Ramadan they will still want to dress up.

Fortunately dressing for Eid Ul Fitr really isn’t that difficult. There are no restriction on fabric, or even color. Just pick something you think looks swell and you’re done. However, you may want to dress a bit more ethnic on Muslim holidays and of course the style has to be festive.

One must admit that the choice of Eid fashion for Men is not as wide and extensive as that for Women and Kids.

Depending on the culture you and the gift recipient belong to these are some of the choices – Dishdasha, Sherwani, and Kurta.

Country pride T-Shirts and plain shirts and trousers are certainly good choices too. Look around and you’ll certainly find a clothing gift which suits the recipient.

kurta-india-dress-men-muslimDishdashas Sherwani and Kurtas for Men

Stylish loose shirts that flow to the knees are a nice choice for men to wear during the holidays or anytime that they wish to have a more traditional look to their clothing ensemble.

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