Muslim / Arabic style Detective books for Islamic Kids

It’s so much easier to find books for kids about western (white) kids than it is to find books about Muslim children. For once I’m not talking about religious books. I’m talking about ordinary children’s stories that a tween kid (between 10 and 13) will like that focus on a recognizable character.

However, the books by Haji Hutchinson do have a religious theme to them: Abdullah uses Islam as a support to do the right thing and solve the mysteries he encounters.
Invincible Abdullah the Deadly Mountain Revenge

Volume one in the series. Abdullah goes on holiday to Pakistan, but it’s not the quiet mountain vacation visiting family he planned. His luggage is switched, he finds smuggled money, gets involved in tribal warfare and is constantly in danger of losing his life. His Karate skills come in handy and his friend Hasan knows how to keep his head cool. The combination gets them both out of trouble.

invincible-abdullahThe Car Theft Kidnapping (The/Invincible Abdullah ; Vol 2)Back in England after his adventures in Pakistan Abdullah gets a mysterious letter. There is a stolen car and a hostage taken and Abdullah has to solve the mystery in time to save their lives.

The Mystery of the Missing Pearls (The/Invincible Abdullah ; Vol 3)On a diving vacation visiting his friend Zaki in Malaysia Abdullah gets involved in the mystery of a set of missing pearls. This classic vacation mystery involves more karate – an old man who knows the art, a madman talking in riddles and black magic. With the help of Allah and their own skill the thieves are found and put in prison.

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