Islamic jewelry for men

Muslim jewelry for men can be a silver ring – sanctioned by the Quran – or a caligraphy pendant for instance. I’ve found you some great examples to get started.

Shown here is Sterling Silver Crescent Moon & Star Ring 1/2 inch wide, sizes 6 – 10

Silver rings and pendants for Muslim men

In Islam calligraphy is often used to decorate things, from buildings to jewelry. The reason for this is that the worship of images, as prohibited in the Bible as well as the Quran, is taken by many so literally that any religious image is suspect.

So, in order to still be able to decorate things, letters are turned into calligraphy. This art form is of course not limited to Islam, but I do think Muslims have perfected the art beyond any other people.

In Jewelry this shows up mostly in two ways: the name of God ‘Allah’ (which literally means God in Arabic) as well as famous Muslim phrases like Bismillah and Lailaha Illallah Shada Islam are used.

Silver jewelry for Islamic men

Traditionally Muslim men are only supposed to wear silver jewelry – preferably rings. Gold was reserved for women. The reason a silver ring was allowed was that a man needed a signet ring. Although the use of a signet ring for sealing things off with wax is no longer common, Muslim men can still get away with wearing one. After all, so did Muhammad.

Another famous Muslim symbol is the symbol of star and crescent of course. It too ends up on Jewelry. I’ve found it available on silver rings as well as pendants.

Islamic silver rings for Muslim men

Following the example of Prophet Muhammad, Muslim men often wear silver rings. In fact, tradition dictates that they don’t wear rings of any other metal. No gold, no brass, no iron allowed.

Any jeweler knows however, that silver is never only silver, some metal must be mixed up with it to make is strong enough to last. This must have been true in the Prophet’s time as well, so in my opinion there’s no need to sweat over silver alloy rings. No silver ring is anything other than a silver alloy ring.

Sterling Silver Crescent Moon & Star Ring (Available in Sizes 6 to 10). Isn’t it beautiful and manly? I certainly think so. The black background makes the moon and star stand out very well.

Available in various sizes including half sizes.

A stylish ring in silver and black makes it suitable for men of Islam to wear. The simplicity of the design would not be looked upon as being too much in the way of adornment for a man. It gives the look of a masculine nature and not one of the female which it is forbidden for a man to do…try to look like a woman.

Is wearing a ring haraam for men?

No, it’s halal for men to wear rings, specifically silver rings.

The ruling was that women could wear rings of any material, whereas men should only wear silver rings. Historically men used the ring as a seal (you know, with wax) and silver was sufficient for that purpose. Iron and gold rings were specifically named as NOT halal for men to wear, presumably because they have more of a decorative function.

Some Muslim jurists conclude from this that rings NOT meant to be used as a seal are also forbidden. However, others say that it’s perfectly fine for men to wear silver rings, whatever the purpose. The Prophet Muhammad himself wore a silver ring.

Personally I think it’s fine for men to wear rings of any type, but if you want to be a good Muslim, sticking with silver is a good idea.


(Sunan Tirmidhi, no. 1720 & Sunan Nasa’i)


Should Muslim men wear rings?

I asked this question on a previous version of this page. 649 people voted in this poll. The results were:

  • 70% said: Muslim men should only wear silver rings
  • 4% said: None, they don’t need them
  • 26% said: Let them do what they want

Which hand?

One often finds questions asking which hand is acceptable for a Muslim man to wear a ring on. The answer is always given that it does not matter. It can be worn on the right or the left hand. The Prophet wore his ring at times on the right and at times on the left.

Sterling Silver Allah Pendant, 3/4 in. (19mm) This small pendant is not too flashy, yet shows off your man’s Muslim colors to any one who knows the least bit about it.

The famous Ayatol Al Kursi prayer, also called the Throne Prayer, is the most revered verse in the Quran. This pendant shows the text in the Arabic.

ALLAH ISLAM MUSLIM – Holy Necklace Chain+Gift Box

This dog chain pendant is austere in it’s shapes, but stylish in it’s calligraphy non the less.

Ayatul Kursi Charm Pendant Necklace w/Chain and GiftboxThis Ayatal Kursi dog pendant is an interesting variation on a well known Muslim theme. Non-muslims may not know about Ayatal Kursi, but they WILL recognize the star and crescent as symbols of Islam. A great way to quietly remind people that you can be Muslim without being a terrorist.

moon-star-dog-tagMuslim Dog Tags

Is jewelry allowed for men during Ramadan?

There is no special rule about jewelry during Ramadan. However many people are more observant of Islamic rules during Ramadan, because it’s a time for prayer and contemplation.

For men the main rule is that gold is haram, as it is seen as a metal for women in the Quran. Different traditions within Islam are more or less strict about jewelry for men, but since Muhammad himself wore a seal ring, there’s a general consensus that a seal ring is definitely halal.

Adding the two rules up, what you get is that Muslim men can wear silver rings.

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