Islamic calligraphy wall stickers

Arabic calligraphy is THE traditional art form in the Muslim world, though there are also figurative examples in Islamic Art History. The advantage of caligraphy is traditionally that it conforms in the strictest sense to the ‘no idolatry’ clause in Muslim Law.

Personally I think wall stickers are a great way to style up a room and give it character. What better way to style up a Muslim home than with Arabic calligraphy? However, there are few examples available. Shown here is the Wallmonkeys Peel and Stick Wall Decals – Calligraphie Ouzbèque at 36×27 inches (that is: three feet wide – no longer available).

  • ALL orders CUSTOM printed. When you place an order, the image is made in the USA, just for you!
  • Printed on WHITE, premium, self-adhesive, re-positionable fabric paper.
  • No nails, frames or glue. No professional installation required.
  • Simply peel and stick! Easy to remove and re-apply.
  • BE SURE you ordered the right size for your intended use!
  • Each of these designs is available in several sizes starting at nearly 2 feet wide and at most 3 feet wide.

Here are some Arabic Calligraphy Wall Sticker I could find:

Wallmonkeys Peel and Stick Wall Decals – Islamic Calligraphy – 18″W x 16″H Removable Graphic
This round Islamic wall art sticker is available in sizes 18×16 inch, 24×22 inch and 36×33 inch. I’d always advise going with the largest size that fits your wall – even in a small room big art really makes a statement.

Islamic Bismillah Muslim Art Calligraphy Arabic Wall Sticker

The Qur’an -In the Name of God, the Most Merciful, the Ever Merciful Removable Wall Art Decal Sticker Decor Mural DIY Vinyl Lettering Saying Quote Islamic Muslim Calligraphy

Islamic Calligraphy Gifts For Eid ul Fitr

Many Islamic countries have long standing traditions of beautiful calligraphy done on different media.

I did a semester of Farsi language at Iranian Cultural Center and my teacher used to say that if I put my head to it – I can become a calligrapher. Unfortunately couldn’t continue with my Farsi language classes.

The beauty of the Arabic language lies in it’s curves. A curved line – as we all know – is more beautiful than a straight one.

Whether its verses from the Holy Quran or words of great poets – Islamic Calligraphy is very beautiful and an ideal gift for Eid ul Fitr.

Of course – if you know a budding Calligrapher – Calligraphy supplies like Books, Pens, Ink, and Paper would be really appreciated.

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  1. i am interesed in getting the name MALAIKA printed in arabic in silver colour, can u do this ifso can u give me prices including postage for different sizes

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