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Best Halal Gift Baskets for Muslims

While during the year you may occasionally slip and break some of the rules about Halal food, during Eid and Ramadan it’s different. So I’ve found you three gift baskets to give to family and friends that will help them stay on the right side of Islamic Jurisprudence.

These Halal / Kosher gift baskets contain everything from gourmet dipping pretzels to buttered peanut crunch to organic vanilla bean green tea cookies to Alaskan smoked salmon, gourmet key lime white chocolate cookies, and many more! These 100% gourmet halal baskets will make you 100% confident that they will love what’s inside!

An impressive wooden chest lined with velvet is filled with wholesome treats such as Maamoul Date-filled Cookies, Sweets imported from Lebanon, Kalamata Black Olives, Smoked Almonds, Pomegranate Molasses, and so much more. This gift for family or friends will allow them to indulge in the finest and tastiest treats. This Treasure Chest of Arabic Treats for Ramadan or anytime will serve to remind them that you care

The rules for halal food aren’t only applicable to meat. Yes, animals should be slaughtered correctly, and pig meat should be avoided. However, harder to avoid are the animal byproducts present in everything from shampoo to sweets… Like vegetarians, individual Muslims will be more or less prone to actually check the label of processed foods. Or, as a friend said, what you don’t know, won’t hurt you.

Still, as I started out saying: that’s all well and good during the year. During Ramadan and Eid ul Fitr it’s different. It’s a time of spiritual cleansing after all.

Halal Food Gifts for Eid ul Fitr and Ramadan

Islam puts a lot of emphasis on Halal in all aspects of life. Be sure to check out the certifications and ingredients used in preparing a Food Gift before purchasing it as a Gift for Eid ul Fitr.

Non-Muslims who’d like to gift their Muslim friends an edible gift should take special care. Non Halal food gifts won’t really be appreciated by any self respecting Muslim.

Best Food Gifts for Eid ul Fitr

The entire list is virtually endless, below are some of the suggestions you may consider while making your purchase during Eid ul Fitr.

  • Dry Fruits
  • Chocolates
  • Food Baskets
  • Pre Cooked Meals
  • Packaged Halal Meat
  • Baklawa and Pastries

Do take into consideration the likes of the individual receiving the gift, the size of the family, and the time it would take for the Food gift to be delivered. Some of the specialty food shops are located outside the United States and it may take them some time to deliver the Food gift requested.

Foods that you should not give to Muslims, especially during Ramadan:

  • Alcoholic beverages
  • Non-Halal meats, which includes meat of which you don’t know the origin.

Fruit and Dry Fruit Gift Packs – For Eid ul Fitr

Unprocessed Fruit and Dry Fruit gift packs are ideal as Eid ul Fitr gifts, specially if you are living in an area where Halal food is not readily available.

You won’t have to worry about checking the ingredients and Fruits and Dry Fruits are no doubt very healthy for the body.

Organic Fruits are very popular, they might cost a bit extra but no harmful chemicals are used – so a good option. Dates are special because of their association with Arabia.

Say Eid Mubarak with one of the Fruit and Dry Fruit gift packs.

These halal gift baskets contain everything from gourmet dipping pretzels to buttered peanut crunch to organic vanilla bean green tea cookies to Alaskan smoked salmon, gourmet key lime white chocolate cookies, and many more! As you can see, when you send one of our 100% gourmet halal baskets, you can be 100% confident that they will love what’s inside!

100% certified kosher gourmet foods. Gourmet foods like Robert Rothschild Farms Dipping Pretzels, Brent &a Sam’s Key Lime White Chocolate Cookies, Robert Rothschild Farms Raspberry Honey Mustard Dip, Feridie’s Salted Peanuts, a Lake Champlain Signature Milk Chocolate Bar, and Buttered Peanut Crunch by Old Dominion Peanut Company make this halal gift basket so special! These Halal Gift Baskets arrive on-time and beautifully wrapped. This design is sure to delight anyone lucky enough to receive it! – Order before 4PM EST and your order ships out the same day! – Your gift always arrives with an upscale, FREE gift card!

Books on Halal Food

They may not be edible – but certainly are a good gift idea for Eid ul Fitr.

Books on Halal Food would be specially useful in areas where Halal food is difficult to obtain, and individuals who are new converts to Islam would really benefit from the guidance.

Muslims from birth who are living in predominantly non-Muslim regions will also find the information contained in these books useful.